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March 07, 2004


Michael Hiteshew

To build something properly, which is to say it works as intended and STAYS working, you need:

* Mechanical engineers
* Electrical Engineers
* Software Engineers
* Someone versed in orbital mechanics
* Manufacturing Engineers
* A NASA certified facility
* A business/cost manager
* Experience

Given all that, it's still diffficult to do while staying approximately on schedule and approximately within budget.

Jay Solo

I remember reading that story! Good one.


"...the blundering, careless look of someone drunk on freedom since birth." There's a description any of us could aspire to have.

Carol Sosnicki

I do not know if this is where I should be writing or not.
My father was a National Jr Birdman Champion back in the 1930's. We have all the newspaper articles with his photo as well as the trophies. He was from Chicago Illinois.
Since he passed away we have found these items and are so proud. We knew a little about it from him telling us but the articles and trophies are awesome.
Is there anywhere that gathers old info like this? If so please write and let me know.
Thanks so much!

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