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March 07, 2004



I don't think that gagging the jurors is necessarily the answer, it's just going to hide the true thoughts of the jurors, not change them. Also, if I'm not mistaken, couldn't Martha Stewart have requested a judge-only trial?


I'm not sure I agree. I think the pressure to respond, real or not, cannot but alter juror's thinking. And delaying the comments isn't the same thing as preventing them for always.

(And yeah, she could have asked for a bench trial, but I think this is something about making the jury work more properly)


Very different slant on this verdict in the Journal today. The Journal reports that the jurors (including this guy) were looking for a way to acquit but were disappointed at the skimpy defense -- and were particularly put out that Stewart herself did not testify.

A media outlet is prone to (a) write the story line first, then (b) troll for quotes to substantiate it.


My question is how the defense let this guy get through as a juror. His seeming attitude had to have been red flag no. 1 on their list of reasons to preemptively strike someone.

ken anthony

wait a sec... This juror may not be saying it in a way to win an intellectual over, but what he's saying is essentially correct. The point of SEC rules is to give everyone (read lot's a little guys) a fair chance to be a part of the marketplace. Insider information (yeah, so that's not exactly what she got caught at, rather she got caught lying about it) damages the trust in the market and hurts everyone.


sounds like you were right on about this guy, I think she'll get a new trial in light of the new evidence that this guy is dishonest and abusive towards women and children


You definitely were right on about this guy. How pompous of him to have embezzled and abused, yet act as if he's a spokesman for "the little guy". I work for enron, had divested some (but not all) of my enron stock--and so was still significantly bilked by lay, fastow, et al. However, I feel what Martha did is nowhere near enron. She's been overprosecuted, and shouldn't be used as the sacrificial lamb for "the boys".


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