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I'm a water and environmental attorney and a sixth-generation Californian. I believe that people should be free to own guns, take drugs and paint their houses any color they damned well please. I believe in the tenants of the Catholic Church but I know I descended from apes. I believe the universe is lousy with intelligent life, but I believe that alien abuductees suffer from a peculiar form of sleep hypnosis. I believe the greatest ballplayer in history is Willie Mays.

I oppose the Cuban embargo, but want to see Fidel Castro swinging from a lamp post. I believe that if the war against Iraq was unjustified without UN approval, the absolution of a collection of third-tier diplomats from second-rate countries cannot remove this supposed stain. I believe that the Iraq War was the right thing to do. I believe France does not have America's interest at heart. I don't think "European" is a complement. I think Italians are the nicest people on Earth.

I live in a small house with a big yard. I have been to forty-six states and nineteen countries. I have never been to Canada. I once sat next to the King and Queen of Tonga. I once told a United States Senator that he was sitting in my seat and that I needed it back. I sent my wife mail order pork ribs before I sent her flowers.

I know how to set type, brew beer and fly an airplane. I once stumbled upon a drug deal in the jungles of Belize involving a park ranger and fifty thousand dollars in cash. I lived to tell you that. I make a brilliant garlic-pork taco, I recommend Cypress Semiconductor (CY) as a long-term accumulate and keep Robert's Rules of Order in the bathroom.


Science fiction, bocce ball, Soviet propaganda and single malt whisky.